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Pause to Pray
Pause to pray.... for those stuck in other countries
We give you thanks for the 100,000’s of travellers who have managed to get back to the UK. We thank you for the commercial flights from Spain, Morocco and Cyprus that has brought over 165,000 home. We thank you for the flights arranged for Peru.
Lord, we lift up before you the many 1000’s of travellers that are still stuck around the world from many different countries. We pray for their families who are anxious for them and wanting their loved ones home, give them your peace. We ask for you to put a hedge of protection around these travellers, keep them safe, and well.
We pray for the global collaboration that is taking place both here and in other counties to repatriate people back home. We bring before you all the Foreign Ministers, we thank you for all their efforts to help people, and we ask that you give them your wisdom an discernment for the task ahead of them.
In Jesus name
Daily Prayers by Rev Karen
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Posted on: 12th Mar 2020
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